Spring Water or Purified Water?

Premium purified water is normally available water that has been purified through a special process that removes impurities and suspended matter so that the water is safe to drink. Pure spring water is obtained from fresh water springs and has additional minerals that can have a beneficial effect on health. Depending on the spring from where the spring water has been obtained, the water may have a variety of minerals and salts in it.

What exactly is spring water?
Spring water is water that is stored beneath the ground in the earth that eventually flows up to the surface on its own pressure. Rainwater and other natural sources of water percolate the earth and stay there for a very long time – running into perhaps centuries! During this time the water boils in the presence of various underground granites and rocks and gradually absorbs some of the minerals from them. At the same time the water may also be shedding some of its minerals. Ultimately, the water rises to the surface under its own pressure and flows out through natural springs.

Advantages of spring water

Spring water contains minerals and chemicals like calcium, fluoride and silica. These are beneficial for the bones and teeth. Apart from containing these beneficial minerals spring water is also pure and free from other contaminants that surface water generally contains.

Premium purified water

Water from generally available sources is purified and treated to give you premium purified water. The water that is obtained from this process is bottled and distributed under hygienic conditions to ensure that you get water that is safe and free of contaminants. However, the water that is available in the market with claims of having been purified and treated may not necessarily be safe, since they may not have undergone the processes rigorously. As far as the mineral content is concerned, purified water may be just ordinary water. However, they are purified and hence made safe to drink.

Difference between Pure spring water and Premium purified water

As we have seen the main difference between pure spring water and premium purified water is that the former is normally rich in certain minerals. This richness comes from natural processes that have taken place below the earth for thousands of years. Premium purified water does not include any process to add these minerals. Thus, the main difference between the two is that one is rich in certain minerals while the other may not be. Both are free of impurities and contamination and safe for consumption. However, you must make sure that the company providing you the water has taken care to ensure that the process does remove the impurities in reality.

Which one should I choose?

After reading the above, if you are wondering whether you should go in for pure spring water or premium purified water, the answer lies in your requirements. If you are deficient in any of the essential minerals that are found in spring water and would like to supplement your diet through this water, you should go in for spring water. If you are simply looking for safe drinking water, premium purified water should do quite as well. 

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